Provider of cloud-based EHR management solution that eliminates siloed approach and vendor dependency
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    Dental OMS Revenue Cycle Management SP5 Project Cloud based EHR management solution that eliminates siloed approach and vendor dependency.

    ePH Solutions, Inc.

    Forefront of providing healthcare information exchange solutions.

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    ePHS EMR Solutions suite

    eData Platform brings a comprehensive, affordable, and interoperable solution to the table. We provide doctors and other healthcare professionals a real-time snapshot of patients.

    Key Features

    Supports any agency/clinic, Enabling quick access to patient records, Making prescribing safer and more reliable, Reduction of duplicate testing, Lab and Imaging Integrations, Lab and Imaging Integrations, Patient Portal & more.

    Issues Patents:

    Application No: 14/249,684
    Filing Date: 04/10/2014
    Application No: 14854079
    Filing Date: 09/15/2015

    EMR Solutions suite

    Easy to Navigate and intuitive GUI design

    Ability to personalize views

    “Less is more” – presentation design

    Enhances physicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care

    Expedites user input into product design and post-implementation feedback

    Promotes care coordination

    Offers product modularity and configurability

    Promotes interoperability and Digital transformation

    Facilitates digital patient engagement

    Success Stories


    ePHS-EMR v5.6

    EHR improves all aspects of patient care – from safety and communication to timeliness – and enables healthcare providers to make faster, better, and more informed clinical decisions.


    Lab & Imaging Integration

    Our platform delivers most integrated features demanded by current and potential EHR customers. We use cutting-edge technology and tools together with healthcare providers using functional specs and usability.

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    Physicians Workflows

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 is modularly built to accommodate physicians' practice patterns and workflows, which vary depending on size, specialty, and setting.

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    Rich Features

    Features such as pop-up reminders, cumbersome menus, and poor user interfaces can make HER's far more time-consuming than paper charts.

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    Time Efficient

    Poor EHR design gets in the way of face-to-face interaction with patients since physicians are forced to spend more time documenting; requiring information of questionable value.

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    Allowing Vendors

    Allowing vendors to focus on specialized applications also would produce the tailored technology physicians need

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    Seamless Technology

    Instead, EHRs should be designed to enable physician-patient engagement. Technology should fit seamlessly into the practice and be based on workflow needs

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    Medical Decisions

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 supports medical decisions making concise, context sensitive real-time data.

    Top 10 Healthcare Information Exchange Solution Providers 2017

    A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including Healthcare Tech Outlook's editorial board has chosen the leading players in the HIE market.

    Thanks to the power of Health Information Exchange (HIE), patients today are able to reduce costly and often unnecessary diagnostic tests and readmissions. Taking strides from coordinated care to preventive care, HIE is now on the verge of revolutionary transformation. As interoperable and integrated healthcare systems break the information silos to forge a wider pool of health data payers, providers, and end-users stand to gain through this evolution.

    At the heart of the HIE evolution is technology. Burgeoning mobile applications, cloud-based healthcare IT systems, and collaboration tools have brought connectivity to new heights. Through Big Data, care coordinators and providers are now gaining actionable insights in real-time, simplifying healthcare delivery while reducing costs. IoT, on the other hand, is driving consumer engagement and bringing in vital health information to HIE, enabling applications, services, and systems to work in synergy. En route these transformative changes, companies are also focusing on securing their data, which is of prime importance in closing the gaps in healthcare delivery.

    There are several inventive HIE solution providers that are at forefront of driving technical excellence and security in the HIE space. To simplify and help CIOs navigate the complex landscape, Healthcare Tech Outlook is presenting to you a list of the top 10 HIE solution providers.

    A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including the Healthcare Tech Outlooks editorial board has chosen the leading players in the HIE market.

    EHR Modules
    eData Platforms
    Success Stories
    Satisfied Patients

    Population Health

    Focuses on interrelated conditions and factors that influence the health of populations over the life course, identifies systematic variations in their patterns of occurrence.

    Preventive Care

    Lower your odds of becoming another statistic. Preventable risk factors such as avoiding tobacco use, maintaining your proper weight, regular exercise, and other steps.

    IoT Patient
    Remote Monitoring

    Offering greater levels of interconnectivity and data sharing, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a pervasive force in remote patient monitoring.

    AI in
    Revenue Cycle Management

    AI gives providers the ability to replace highly manual, time-intensive, error-prone tasks with automated processes.

    Our Advisors

    Medical Advisors assist clinical research teams and often help training and supporting

    Dr. Thomas J. Lewis: Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. from MIT

    Chief Medical Advisor

    Chief Medical Advisor Tissue Regeneration Technologies

    MD, PhD, MSci, FACC

    Professor of medicine (Cardiology)

    Eccentex Corporation

    CEO – Eccentex Corporation & Datamax Technologies

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