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    Finest EHR Solution

    Nathan Rozenfeld

    Nathan Rozenfeld, Founder and CTO

    There is a popular notion that Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) management tools are expensive. And there is a significant noise that surrounds and solidifies such perception. Nathan Rozenfeld, Founder and CTO, eData Platform, shares his experience that dissents this prevailing outlook. The CTO opines that one-size-fits all™ approach will not help healthcare providers to improve quality of care and reduce cost of operations. Therefore, EHR tools must be cost-effective, should serve the healthcare community and have the ability to seamlessly integrate within already complex mix of diverse software solutions. This vision is the driving force and the founding principle of eData Platform, an organization that alleviates the inefficiencies of conventional systems with real time interoperability. The major impediment that still plagues the healthcare landscape, especially pertaining to EHR management, is the continued use of existing systems that were developed as silo-ed solutions and hence did not provide desired interoperability, scalability and flexibility. Besides, working with these systems increased vendor dependency, cost of ownership, survivability of an upgrade and etc. Built specifically to eliminate siloed approach, vendor dependency, inability to upgrade, scale, and extend.

    Comprehensive Solution

    eData Platform brings a comprehensive, affordable, and interoperable solution to the table. We take a proactive approach to provide doctors and other healthcare professionals a real-time snapshot of patients they are dealing with, Rozenfeld says.

    Microsoft based SaaS

    A bulk of the EHR tools today Rozenfeld notes, overlook the critical aspect of serving the patients. eData Platform tools and features are designed to counter this conundrum. The firms solution is packaged into a comprehensive SaaS platform built on best of breed Microsoft web application architecture.

    Simplicity of use

    User experience, intuitive design, and simplicity of use, interoperability, and integration are all core and basic features available from the first day of use. The platform seamlessly integrates with medical equipment, client systems, and other personal devices, and brings all the compliance mandates under its ambit.

    eData Platform

    In the wake of technology expansion, healthcare sector is also molding itself to fit into space. This has led to a widespread adoption of eData Platform’s and has reeled off many client success stories that the firm can boast of. Citing one such instance, Rozenfeld talks about a healthcare organization that struggled to work in tandem with technological advancements as their data relied heavily only on paper, MS Excel, and MS Outlook. The organization was under constant threat of a compliance breach as it lacked quick and timely access to crucial data. After deploying eData Platform’s solutions, the healthcare organization was able to eliminate the inadequacies that existed with their conventional methods, made data easily available, which in turn assisted them to adhere to compliance regulations.

    Journey Ahead

    The journey ahead for eData Platform encompasses significant geographical expansion outside the US. The firm is working with a Canadian group to strengthen its grip there whereas, in the eastern European market, eData Platform is gaining traction as a lightweight healthcare solution. Besides, the firm is knee-deep in devising strategies that can serve healthcare organizations in the rural areas. In doing so, the company has integrated with pharmacies, laboratories, and healthcare specialists to bring all the expertise under a single platform that can benefit the rural healthcare sector. Our solution serves the community and doesn’t compromise on the quality of service, Rozenfeld concludes.

    Core architecture is ready for big data and able to integrate social feeds and analytical tools to better serve healthcare community.

    Evidently, eData Platform can be viewed as a scalable information management solution tailored to meet the complex business requirements and can be deployed to support a diverse suite of applications in healthcare. “As the marketplace is replete with one size fits all and expensive EHR solutions, our vision is to create a quality care solution that provides a better quality of service and allows healthcare organizations to be more productive, adds Rozenfeld.

    Management and Advisory Teams

    Founder ePH Solutions, Inc

    Senior Solutions Architect / Founder ePH Solutions, Inc

    Dr. Thomas J. Lewis: Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. from MIT

    Chief Medical Advisor

    Chief Medical Advisor Tissue Regeneration Technologies

    MD, PhD, MSci, FACC

    Professor of medicine (Cardiology)

    CTO - eData Platform

    CTO - 20+ years experience in Healthcare SaaS environment

    Eccentex Corporation

    CEO – Eccentex Corporation & Datamax Technologies

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    Physicians Workflows

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 is modularly built to accommodate physicians' practice patterns and workflows, which vary depending on size, specialty, and setting.

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    Rich Features

    Features such as pop-up reminders, cumbersome menus, and poor user interfaces can make HER's far more time-consuming than paper charts.

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    Time Efficient

    Poor EHR design gets in the way of face-to-face interaction with patients since physicians are forced to spend more time documenting; requiring information of questionable value.

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    Allowing Vendors

    Allowing vendors to focus on specialized applications also would produce the tailored technology physicians need

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    Seamless Technology

    Instead, EHRs should be designed to enable physician-patient engagement. Technology should fit seamlessly into the practice and be based on workflow needs

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    Medical Decisions

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 supports medical decisions making concise, context sensitive real-time data.

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