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    ePHS-EMR v5.6 is a comprehensive and cost-effective solution designed and built by physicians, for physicians.

    As one of the leading specialists in delivering robust, scalable, and practical solutions in the fields of healthcare enterprise information management and global business infrastructure processes automation, Mr. Rozenfeld accumulated over 20 years of extensive knowledge and a unique understanding of the field industry. Such an exclusive background and experience permitted him to deploy over 150 complex information management IT solutions in many countries around the world. One of the main objectives is to provide timely, relevant, and high-quality IT solutions to the business community. Over the years, Mr. Rozenfeld played key roles in various projects in the field of public health at the federal and regional levels, management and control over the processes of design, development, and implementation of medical operating platforms. Some of the projects carried out with the CDC-CCID, WHO (World Health Organization) as well as a large number of federal agencies and centers in North and South America, Europe, Russia, and Ukraine. In addition to his public healthcare activities, Mr. Rozenfeld actively involved in the coordination and deployment of advanced enterprise healthcare IT solutions utilizing the latest cutting-edge systems such as artificial intelligence, telemedicine, progressive diagnostics, and population health.

    At the Conference on Public Health “, held in Atlanta in 2009 (PHIN-2009), Mr. presented a number of revolutionary solutions for the implementation of integrated analytical systems and information exchange in the healthcare industry. A number of tech web magazine publications brought to light Mr. Rozenfeld’s achievements and deep core matter expertise making his team an industry expert and cutting edge solution provider.

    Current Implementation Strategies

    Custom implementation leads to more proprietary solutions

    Cost of implementation is high and required additional funds for support and maintenance

    Each additional effort will cost more money

    Overall enterprise data foundation becomes segmented and effects performance and efficiency

    What happens with Data

    “Silo” product creating yet another “island” of isolated data

    Access to data requires proprietary software leading to incomplete dataset publication

    Wide variety of data its structure and coded origin makes it difficult to manage and utilize productively

    Lack of common platform for managing structured and un-structured data forces custom software development

    Our Solution

    Provide cost effective, secure and scalable platform with an interoperability framework to enable the exchange of structured and un-structured data between multiple entities.

    Provide a turnkey solution for agencies that lack a means to electronically exchange data.

    Provide simple and reliable data Interchange.

    Provide end to end data capture, management, format and processing capabilities

    Provide a significant reduction in the cost of ownership and daily maintenance.

    What happens with Data using ePH Interoperability framework

    Comprehensive platform with an interoperability framework eliminates any data management challenges

    Agnostic framework and adoptive design enables quick and easy deployment of a data processing solution

    Use of unique architecture and customizable targeted solution enables robust data management and utilization

    Use of common platform to manage structured and un-structured data eliminates the need to use custom software solutions

    Powerful user experience and robust back office

    Population Health

    Preventive Care and Education

    IoT (Internet of Things) Patient Remote Monitoring

    Use of AI in Revenue Cycle Management

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