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    EHR Platform Overview


    Any innovative and cutting-edge solutions provider will yell at the top of his/her lungs that what they have is the next best thing since “sliced bread” was invented, nevertheless 2019 survey of more than 1,100 healthcare providers paint a completely different picture:

    “All EHRs should be able to talk to each other electronically and easily transfer records across different EHRs”

    “Have physicians and nurses who will actually use the program help design it. The programmers think, ‘it's just one click.’ well just one click time 30-40+ patients a day is a LOT on one's index finger. I have arthritis in that finger due to all the ‘just one clicks’ involved in a day”

    “Honestly, the system itself appears misguided from the start. Look at medical notes from training, and build in a way doctors understand instead of how insurance companies and regulators wish it would be”

    “Technology has advanced, yet we use none of it in our electronic ‘paper charts.’ The spell checker does not even function in all of the fields”

    Our team reversed the table and engage a diverse community of healthcare providers to become our software analysts and developers. Modern technology is smart and sophisticated enough to support healthcare community needs and more. Our core team’s firsthand experience accumulated over the past 20 years and over 200 successful implementations give us a truly unique ability (not easily obtainable or available in the software community) to understand healthcare professionals and deliver exactly what they need. 90% of software utilized in the healthcare segment viewed as an impediment, burden, or obstacle preventing staff to provide quality care. Lack of management solutions and tools able to morph into what the industry needs in real-time forces people to settle with less than mediocre software just to get the job done somehow.

    Founder ePH Solutions, Inc

    Senior Solutions Architect / Founder ePH Solutions, Inc

    CTO - eData Platform

    CTO - 20+ years experience in Healthcare SaaS environment

    Dr. Thomas J. Lewis: Dr. Lewis holds a Ph.D. from MIT

    Chief Medical Advisor

    Chief Medical Advisor Tissue Regeneration Technologies

    MD, PhD, MSci, FACC

    Professor of medicine (Cardiology)

    Eccentex Corporation

    CEO – Eccentex Corporation & Datamax Technologies

    Healthcare Need

    Nobody today can even dream of having access to a suite of management and operational solutions that will reduce the cost of ownership, offer true quality of care, increase productivity and efficiency while remaining easy to use and intuitive solution, accessible from anywhere on any device. The ability to tap into the clinical content and utilize its full potential to enhance preventive care, quality, and cost of care are what truly needed in today’s market.

    Intuitive & Scalable

    When top EHR system needs a 100M a year to maintain and operate or any existing free or bottom price solution offers only inadequate experience, causes the entire healthcare community and patients they serve to suffer the consequences. Largest void on todays market is in sophisticated and efficient, cost effective and affordable, intuitive and easy to adopt scalable cloud base software that does not cause the development of a “carpet tunnel” syndrome in its users

    eData Platform developed by ePH Solutions, Inc fills that void. Delivering a patient-centric suite of solutions able to enhance providers' ability to serve their community by tapping into our ability to use AI, integrate with personal healthcare equipment, and solution providers and population health concepts.

    Vetted by a wide variety of healthcare providers, of all specialties and ages, affords us to skip the yelling part to convince people what we have is real and focus on delivery, education, and enhancement of industry operators and consumer experience. The global Healthcare IT market in 2015 was $24.02 billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.05 percent through 2022 reaching an estimated value of more than $36.5 billion by 2022.

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    Physicians Workflows

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 is modularly built to accommodate physicians' practice patterns and workflows, which vary depending on size, specialty, and setting.

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    Rich Features

    Features such as pop-up reminders, cumbersome menus, and poor user interfaces can make HER's far more time-consuming than paper charts.

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    Time Efficient

    Poor EHR design gets in the way of face-to-face interaction with patients since physicians are forced to spend more time documenting; requiring information of questionable value.

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    Allowing Vendors

    Allowing vendors to focus on specialized applications also would produce the tailored technology physicians need

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    Seamless Technology

    Instead, EHRs should be designed to enable physician-patient engagement. Technology should fit seamlessly into the practice and be based on workflow needs

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    Medical Decisions

    ePHS-EMR v5.6 supports medical decisions making concise, context sensitive real-time data.

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